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Splash         Close-up to show detail
Splash detail
    Splash          Size: 62" x 73"
This is the second quilt in a series of collaborative quilts by Ginny Eckley & Susan Ennis. The same 3 screens are used in each quilt. Created on
high thread count white cotton, the background is silkscreened in black, creating a beautiful graphic pattern. Paint of many colors appears to be
splashed on the quilt. Hand painting with shadows and highlights gives the paint dimension and a lifelike quality.

King Bird of Paradise           Close-up to show detail
King Bird of Paradise detail
    King Bird of Paradise          Size: 63" x 69"
This species thrives in the lowland forests of New Guinea and nearby islands. The male and female are extremely different in their coloring.
Females are shades of brown, while the male is exotic. His bright red head, colorful wings, iridescent collar and white breast demand attention.
The male performs an extraordinary courtship display, as he puffs up his body, flaunts his wings, and shows off his two long tail feathers that
end in circles of emerald green. Watching videos from Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the Smithsonian Channel, we laughed as the females
expressed a mixture of wonder and confusion, as the male dances. Designed and created by Susan Ennis and Ginny Eckley on cotton fabric.
Printed using silkscreens of our design, hand painted and embroidered. Work completed in 2015.

Twilight Garden         Close-up to show detail
Splash detail

Splash detail

    Twilight Garden          Size: 70" x 76"
Inspired by fields of flowers at dusk, artists Ginny Eckley and Susan Ennis chose turquoise tones for the background of their third quilt.
Using silkscreen designs, each section is printed and painted, multiple times. Pearlescent paints and layers of color give depth to convey
flowers in full bloom at dusk.