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Machine Embroidery
  I love this technique for its freedom of movement and the rich texture it adds. It can easily be adapted to clothing or quilts. It is stunning
  when combined with applique. These techniques can be created on any machine that has a darning or free motion foot and zig-zag

  My one-day class focuses on the technique itself. In a two or three-day class, a garment or tapestry is created. Guidance and tips
  for design and composition provide the groundwork, then dimensional techniques make the pattern come to life. Techniques include
  beading by machine, cord making, fused patchwork, applique, machine embroidery, lace making and special effects with tulle.

  First Wren
  Free motion embroidery on silk crepe

  Close-up showing detail of free motion
  embroidery on Koi Under the Willow I

  Free motion embroidered and leaf
  printing. Areas around the embroidery
  are velvet and batik fabrics.

  Roseate Spoonbill created with free
  motion embroidery on hand dyed
  silk crepe

 Koi Under the Willow,  Detail

 Koi Under the Willow II,  Embroidered,
then embroidered again to create ripples.

  Embroidery rescued from a linen
  tablecloth, stitched onto a silk skirt

  Tulle layered over fabric and then

  This is a Gila Woodpecker on Cactus.
  Painted using resist and seta color.
  Bird is free motion embroidered.

  Machine embroidery on cuffs & collar,
  with beads added too.

  Barred hamlet, embroidered using
  free motion.

 Cerulean Warbler amongst Trumpet
  Free motion embroidery.

 Yellow Warbler watching over nest of
 warblers and the parasitic cuckoo bird.
 Nest, chicks and adult warbler are free
 motion embroidered. Leaves are printed
 from real leaves. Created on silk habotai.