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Classes can be combined to meet your needs! Ginny is also available to give lectures and teach classes for you and your group. Please email or call Ginny about speaking or teaching a class for your guild or show.

Gorgeous Scarves, Banners & Table Runners
Combine dyes, paints and silk screening on silk scarves! Silk takes color so beautifully. Just touching silk charmuese is luscious - wearing it is even better!

We'll dye the silks, then add imagery and paint, making depth and layers, that will have admirers wondering "How did you make that?" Totally fun with lots of opportunities to increase your skills as you learn.

Silk Studio Class

You love the look & feel of silk; now enjoy creating with this amazing fabric. A variety of silks will be used, from Charmeuse to Organza. You will learn which techniques to use for precise control, and others that are best for texture, surprises and color.

From painting to dyeing, soy wax and silkscreening, this is a chance to try it all!

Paint, Print & Enhance:
Layers of painting and printing create amazing depth and intrigue. From creating background textures to detailed imagery, you will learn to mix colors, create dynamic combinations, and techniques that enhance your imagery.

Techniques include silkscreen printing, painting and dyeing.

We have all been influenced by nature's beauty. Capture that awesomeness in all its rich colors using paint on fabric. From metallic to transparent paints and mediums to thickeners, learn how to achieve outstanding results.

We'll spend time practicing, then focus on creating imagery from nature.

Wear it with Flair!
Love to show your artful flair, but not interested in sewing the whole garment? Print and paint on finished clothing!
Learn the techniques on fabric, then progress to adding design and color to your garment. Light colored garments allow a wider range of colors, so keep this in mind when choosing what to bring. Dark colors will require opaque and metallic paints.

This tunic has amazing embroidery, but needed another layer to soften it. A simple leaf screen was added next to the beading, and around the bottom of the sleeves. This was printed, painted and outlined on a silk skirt and blouse. I have also found this process a lifesaver for garments that I love, but have a flaw or stain.

Finish My Project
Help Me Finish This Art Project!
Stuck on your art project? Trying to figure out what to do next? You have so much invested in it, but are not sure how to make it a masterpiece? Bring your projects; together we will develop ideas and solutions! Have an idea, but not even sure how to start? This class is for you too! Just need another person to help fine tune your idea? YES - come in and create, play, discover and explore. I'll show you neat ways to test your ideas out. Just need a place you can spread out, create and focus? Come over and get it done!

Dipped in Beauty
Dipped in Beauty! Scarves, Banners and Table Runners
Discover the joy of using instant-set silk dyes. Using a variety of techniques, such as pleating, scrunching and shibori, we’ll layer color and pattern onto silk. Next, we’ll print images with silk-screens. Class fee includes the use of dyes, paints and silkscreens. Silk scarves and silk fabrics can be purchased from me, or bring your own. Of course, if you prefer to dye and print silk yardage, that is fine too. This is a 2-day class (Saturday & Sunday).

Silkscreen Print
Silkscreening: Learn to make screens with YOUR designs!
In this class, you will start by printing with my screens. I'll explain the design process of creating your own screen; then you will learn to make screens using designs of your choice. We'll screen on fabric and paper, using both dyes and paints. If you have ever wondered how to repeat an image, this class is for you! The screens can be used over and over, and they do not require a frame. Once you have signed up for the class, I will email you to find out what designs you like and/or will work best for your project so you can bring them to class or email the images to me. The $195 price includes the cost of the silkscreen film. This is a 2-day class (Saturday & Sunday).

Upcycled Blouse
Clothing: From Alterations to Upcycle
Have some clothing you have held onto, but not sure what to do with it? Maybe you want to remake it, or just make it fit better! Maybe you love the fabric or embroidery, but not the style. Bring it over, and let’s make it fun to wear again! This is a 2-day class (Saturday & Sunday).

Slideshow & Talk: Creative Genius
As a teacher, I always want to give my students insights, yet encourage their individual style. So I read a wide variety of books and articles on creativity, from writers to scientists. I found some fantastic wisdom, and enjoy sharing the stories from these inventive, resourceful characters.

For the second part of the talk, I show slides of my work, and how I apply creative solutions in my work. For more information and pricing, please email me.

I enjoy sharing my skills and techniques through teaching. I teach both in my studio, and venues, such as the International Quilt Festival and at various guild meetings.

My passion for art is fueled by my love of nature. Through my art, I challenge myself to learn new things, both artistic and academic.


This was printed, painted and outlined on a silk skirt and blouse.

To see and enroll in currently scheduled studio classes, please visit the Studio Classes page on my MakeScreens site.